Last weekend I went to Yosemite and basically was out of breath the entire time. I am not much of a hiker, despite everyone telling me that it’s really just “walking in nature.”

After an entire day of exerting myself, looking at rocks, and eating nothing but nuts and berries, all I really wanted to do was return to our rented house and stuff my face with chili, hotdogs, and beer. Everyone ate ravenously. I’m not documenting the chili on here– though it’s pretty hard to screw up chili, this didn’t end up being anywhere near my best effort (I make it differently every time). At 9:30 at night, though, after a day of eating bird food I am pretty sure no one was complaining.

These gorgeous garden tomatoes were brought by one of the hikers in our group, Nicole. Even on top of chili, I could tell this was a special tomato. At the end of our trip when she asked the group if anyone wanted to take tomatoes home as her garden was full of them, I selfishly piped up before anyone else had a chance. The next day I had this delicious dinner.

These tomatoes were so sweet and flavorful that all they needed was a sprinkle of salt and it would have been a sin to do anything else to them. Can’t even come close to supermarket tomatoes.


Oh and P.S.– I have been attempting to chip away at my bounty of garlic:


I made 100 clove garlic soup one day. I was basing it off a recipe from smitten kitchen, and thought 100-clove sounded much better than 44. Learn from my mistake and stick with Deb’s version. It is silky, with just the right balance of roasted garlic to balance out the nearly raw. It sounds off-putting but is actually just extremely flavorful, comforting soup that will cure whatever ails you. Read the reviews under Deb’s recipe if you don’t believe me– when I followed it to the letter, my soup turned out insanely good.


Now I will continue to nurse my infected spider bite from Yosemite by gobbling insane amounts of antibiotics. Cooking adventures from the past few days to come.