Making food is what I do to relax, de-stress, and process my day. When the result is especially delicious, I want to start sharing it here so that others can recreate it.   Some of my most important cooking philosophies include:

1. Use what you have in your fridge (thus the blog title). Whenever possible, I plan a dish around what’s already on hand and what perishables need to be used up. I am thrifty when it comes to food shopping and don’t like to make special trips to the store when I can make due with what’s around. I like to repurpose leftovers from one meal into something else the next day.

2. Cook using general guidelines, not specific measurements. To make a dish your own, taste as you cook and adjust ingredient amounts according to your own preferences. I will try and make my amounts as specific as I can, but because I don’t often measure unless I am baking, you’ll find my recipes are more suggestions than hard-and-fast rules. 

3. Don’t worry too much about diet. I always cook using full-fat dairy ingredients and never use fake sugar. If you are cooking your own meals and not eating in a restaurant, you can adjust the amount you add. You can also stay aware of what, exactly, you are eating.  Even if you use a pat of real butter instead of margarine, your dish will still be healthier than the average take-out meal.

❤ ❤ Megs ‘n Eggs


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