WTF is that picture of legs?

…And who are those people sitting in beanbags and what are they doing?

There are always things going on when you are an expat in Shanghai that sound normal but end up being a million times more fun and crazy than they would probably be in America. A chili cookoff where you end up being served tequila syringes from chicks dressed like nurses. A weekly trip to the grocery store to buy staples, where there ends up being a wine fair. So instead of buying toilet paper you call all your friends to meet you and drink free wine all day long. An unexpectedly wild/fun day.

…This was not one of those days. One weekend we heard about a Christmas festival. It ended up being neither fun nor wild. When the 4 of us arrived, we noticed 3 measly booths with the most lame “vendors”– one I think was a juicing machine that didn’t even have free juice samples, and the others must have been things you couldn’t even pretend to get excited about, like life insurance, or pest exterminators. The best attraction by far was this sculpture garden full of legs. No one could explain why it was there or what it meant. Or what the people in the beanbags around it were up to.

The best part was the subway  home. The only foreigners on the train, we merrily sang Christmas carols the entire ride. Our seatmates varied on the spectrum from annoyed to amused– it’s just one of those silly, perfect memories I have of my time living in Shanghai.


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